My Dying BrideAnd All Their Joy Was Drowned

I arrive splashed with blood
And try to fix my hair
My sword upon our path
It’s better off there

My name is read aloud
And I menace through the door
A thunderstorm of eyes watch
As I’m fierce across the floor

Candles spit and ribbons red
Strings, bows and tune
Dancers glide and passions collide
I’m scouring the room

I know my enemies, every one
And white throats in pearls
Carousel all about me
The lace. Those ribbons in curls

Cruelty is how they know me
Kindness is not my gift
A blade of glass my secrecy
Is poised at my wrist

They perish for my sadness
I saw gold in your eyes
Your gift here, tremendous
Like the God between your thighs

I leave splashed with blood
Your ribbon locks my hair
And all their joy was drowned
Not, of course, that I care.