Lucky Boys ConfusionFred Astaire

You have so many opportunities I never had 

Don't push so hard, nothing is ever easy 

And this talent that you take for granted, it's a gift from god 

Don't pass it up, nothing is ever easy 

Are you ready to work real hard 

Are you tired it's just the start 

Listen to me son, I'll take you far 

You can call it anything you want the fact remains the same 

I never got to be your Fred Astaire 

You can lie to yourself and all your friends and pretend that you don't care 

But circumstance gets in the way 

Heel, toe, heel, toe, side to side AGAIN, gonna get it right 

Don't push so hard, nothing is ever easy 

Don't forget your please and thank you's, don't forget to smile 

Don't pass this up, nothing is ever easy 

Their pushing these children for all the wrong reasons 

So far man you're crushing down their spirits 

Suffocate, emancipate, turn their backs and walk away eventually 

Seeking, one of these paths 

You're wasting time --- I call it living 

To the world what are you giving 

You're wasting time